Walking and thinking

Today, Tuesday 3 November, i made a walk through town. I walked past the garden Tuin op Hofbogen. I talked with Bob and Wendy about the plans of the municipality and other companies for the surrounding area of the garden and the old train tracks. I walked further with Wendy. We talked about loneliness, friendship. A good talk! I walked on. Through de Vredestuin where i saw people working. A short chat and a smile and laughter. On wards, past the woman with the nice dogs. To the butcher on the Meent, where i bought a sandwich with ham. On wards to the Laurens church, where i sat down and ate the sandwich. Through town to the Oude Binnenweg where i bought a Surinam sandwich. I watched the television there for a short time. Politics. To the Westersingel where i ate the sandwich. On to the van Oldenbarneveltstraat, back to the Hofplein and past the Grafisch Lyceum. A quick selfie.

Back home.

I was thinking many different things. The talk with Wendy first was a good one. We talked about loneliness. I saif everybody is alone. It is just some people forget. We also talked about the help people ask for. Some justified, some not, in our opinion.

My housing situation. I move out of my current place this Thursday, November 5. I still haven’t found a place to stay. People are canceling or saying no. I try not to worry. Successfully! I still have money, so i could go to a more expensive place for the next week and look further.

And my work. This website, ellenpronk.com. Which i am not giving up. I am not sure where this determination comes from. But it is there. Growling.

Enough for now. Salute!

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