Out of home

It’s been almost seven months since i moved out of my old home. I still miss it, but it is getting less. It doesn’t hurt as much, not anymore.

This week i took up a little vacation. I am not working in the garden. Thinking about it right now. Is it what i want to do? For the rest of my life. Well, partly. I’d love to have my own garden. Have flowers, veggies, shrubs, fruit trees, roses, zinnia’s, nasturtium and cosmos in there. But gardening is not the most important thing to me. My drawing is. The most important.

My drawing goes slowly. But it does progress. Hopefully i can publish it in a few weeks. The end of September, beginning of October. It is still a new development for me. Been only drawing like this for less than a year. I do hope i will make it good for me. A good drawing, in which i am able to express some of my feelings about this world we live in.

Salute! Have a nice weekend.

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