The past week i have been watching Dark, a german language original Netflix series. I watched the first season way back in 2017 or 2018, when i had my first Netflix account.

I just did a search online looking for articles about this show and the time travel concept in it. I only came to the conclusion i need to watch it all from the start once again. Yeah, it is complicated.

My own thoughts about time travel are that on this planet, in our world it is not possible. Not for one person to travel to a specific point in time back or ahead. I don’t know about the entire universe, there are black holes and stars and dark matter which could have their specific mass en time adjusting parameters. I don’t think humans can survive in those circumstances. For me, we are here and we are not going anywhere pretty soon. So we all live in the same time. That to me is very special. With the internet and social media, communication is traveling so much faster and makes it easier for people to know what is happening on the other side of the world in minutes. So much more interesting to me right now.

I will post a quote about Dark and leave it at that. And of course i will watch the whole series again, once i have finished the third season i am in the middle of right now.

Why do you think time travel is such a big thing in storytelling right now?

Jantje Friese: I think it’s two things. One thing is that people who make content now grew up with Back to the Future. And the other thing is that we live in uncertain times, we fear what is coming in the future and we have a nostalgic thing about the past, about going back to how it used to be before we had social media and internet, to better times. And time-travel stories somehow connect us in the present with our longing for the past and this fear for the future.

Baran Bo Odar: It’s really an interesting question. Why is time travel such a thing now? When Matrix came out, there were a lot of stories that questioned reality. “Is this real or not?” That’s now less of a question. Now time travel is more of a thing in pop culture. What does it stand for? Is it because we hope to change things we already have messed up, like climate change? I really don’t know.

Source: The Creators of Netflix’s Dark on Why Writing Time-Travel Stories Is Like Playing Jazz

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