Today i went to the library to return the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series i am currently reading. I hadn’t plan to get another book. I did go up in the library and did look around if i saw anything to my liking. Nothing in the young adult section. Nothing in the English section.

I went to the ethics section and saw a book by Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for life: an antidote to chaos. I sat in a chair and went through it and read some pieces. I put it back. Close by i saw some other books. About Emmanual Levinas. Tempting. But no. Then my eye fell on a book by Frans de Waal: De aap en de filosoof (The monkey and the philosopher). I am gonna give it a try. Well, once i have finished A Dance with Dragons of course.

Ooh, the title of this post, Bibliotheek, is the Dutch translation of the English word library. Just so you know. 🙂

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