What to say?

I took some photographs in the garden today. I just watched them on my computer. They are not sharp. Not good.

I did a search for ‘sense of purpose’. Some interesting articles. I also searched on youtube. Watched a clip with the Dalai Lama. But nothing stuck. Too many job related articles. Too many retirement articles. Not good enough for me. No.

So i just sat in front of my computer. Looking outside. Feeling the wind softly flowing around me. The window in my room is wide open. The door of my room is open, the door in the kitchen is wide open. Nice.

I will be staying here for a couple of months. I like it here. I like the room. That my landlord is away for the weekend mostly is really nice too. He knows that.

I think this evening i will be watching a movie. Yeah. Not sure which one. Hmmm. Contagion. That will do.

Back tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

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