Yesterday i had a talk with a good friend, this morning i had another talk with another friend. In the gardens i work in, the Vredestuin Noord and the Vredestuin. The talks went well, it gave me a lot of information about myself, my thoughts and reasons for doing the things i do. Still looking for a safe place.

I have one favorite course of action i just set in motion. I’ll let you know more soon.

I did make a couple of photos in the garden. One of a dead mole i found in the Vredestuin Noord, lying right on the main path. Another photo of the cosmos flower blooming, the first flower of the seeds i bought in January. And another of the red strawberry.

I also ate a couple of cherries, before the birds got them all. Yay!

Early sunflowers
Nasturtiums and zinnia's
A red strawberry
Cosmos flower!
The dead mole with flies
The dead mole
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