A busy Sunday

This morning i watched some television. Beechgrove. Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. Het Filosofisch Quintet.

This afternoon i cleaned up the upper cupboards of the kitchen.

I am watching Glastonbury Tea Time Legends right now. Well, sort of. I just took the photograph you see at the top of this post. I hear the music and singing in the background. I did want to get this post out of the way. I got really happy while watching it: Kylie, Lionel Richie, Brian Wilson, Al Green, Johnny Cash, among others. Made me feel very happy!

Later on i will watch the Great British Bake Off and the Great British Sewing Bee. After that i will most likely go to sleep. Maybe i will watch an episode of Dark on Netflix once i’m done. Not sure yet.

So no, i rather watch a bit of David Bowie on the BBC. Great!

Have a good day 🙂

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