So many voices

I am able to listen to many different voices saying all kinds of different things. I listen to the press conferences of the Dutch government. I listen to the Dutch news on television. I listen to the news programs, some talk shows. I listen to some youtube channels. Jordan Peterson has my ear, Rebel Wisdom, gardeners, scientists, make up ladies, MadSeasonShow, Russel Brand i’m getting into. This is just a fraction of what sparks my interest.

I also speak to people around me. This afternoon i had a serious conversation with a fellow gardener about friendship. A good talk.

One thing i said in that talk is sticking with me. I talked about the time i wasn’t seeing any friends, around eight years. I said i had learned many things in that time. Things about myself. I said i got out stronger.

I also said i was much happier now than before that lonely time.

I am really happy with that. I still feel that inside of me. Happiness.

Today was a good day! Salute!

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