Gardening and talking and hard work!

This morning i woke up around eight. I did go to the toilet, but got back into bed for a while. I continued watching some Jordan Peterson’s video’s on youtube. Youtube has so many of them. I’m not sure what i think of Jordan Peterson. I haven’t read any of his books. I do think some of the things he is saying makes sense. I’m not a all out feminist myself. Not the way i used to be. But i need to read more from him, about him and watch more videos. And maybe read his book.

I did fall asleep for a short bit after i finished watching this video. I got out of bed around half past nine. Made breakfast, the almond flour and one egg and a spoon of young white cottage cheese. With bacon.

A quarter to eleven i walked to the garden. Lovely weather. Sunshine, not too cold. At the garden the three of us worked on the broad beans, we watered the plants in the greenhouse who were dry, we watered the beets, we harvested some veggies, like rocket, chervil, chard and kale. We talked about corona. We talked about how we enjoyed the quietness in the cities. The clear blue skies. We talked about the birds. The blackbird, male and female looking for something to eat. The great tit whistling on the pole of the entrance.

I made some pictures of the flowers in the garden. The cherry trees all white against the blue sky and the old Shell building.
The hawthorn flowers in the hedge.

I got a call, just towards the end of the working moment. Brian is on his way and he wants compost. Brian gives us his horse manure, so of course he gets it. Still quite a job getting it all out of the compost, in the wheelbarrows and to his trailer. Bit too much i confess. We sort of half managed it.

Slowly i walked back home. I bought a Turkish pizza and ate it back home on the terrace, around half past three. Then i went upstairs and lied down on my bed and watched some youtube videos. I did put my laundry in the washing machine. For dinner i made a salad. I picked some fries from Ted and Assie. Yum!

And now i sit behind my computer writing this post. I will watch Tussen kunst en kitsch, after that i will brush my teeth and go to bed. I’m tired. Tomorrow a new day!

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