Aah forgotten!

I just was lying in my bed, my mind still a bit messy. Thinking about my drawings, about dinner this Sunday, what i need to buy, when i want to buy it all. And then i realized. Gasp! I had forgotten today’s post! Damn.

So here i am sitting behind my computer and writing this post. Simply forgotten. I know i thought about it yesterday. I cooked a chicken liver pate yesterday. It is for the dinner party. But i had forgotten to make photo’s while i was making it. I also made cream and butter truffles. Which i know won’t make it untill dinner. They are lovely.

I also thought about the pudding. The vegan trifle is a go. But i am changing my mind about the other pudding for the vegetarians and everything eaters. I’m thinking chocolate mouse is a better idea. Easier to make. And it is really lovely. With some whipped cream. Hmmm 🙂

So my mind is full. The post is only an hour late. I don’t think anyone will notice it. But still. I do apologize.


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