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Yesterday’s result of throwing the I Ching did make sense to me. I do know that i made my own predicament possible. I know i can be lazy at times. I can escape in gaming, reading. Gardening even. Gardening does have many good effects though, so it is permissable. Reading can be a good book. Like the books i read over the summer.

So, work on what has been spoiled. A bowl in whose content worms are breeding. Yes yes, i love worms. They are my friends. But still, in your life you want to build something up. You want to achieve something. Worms have their uses and place. Not in my house!

Well.I do have some things to put right. For myself. Not the biggest thing. So yes, the taming power of the small. The force of the small. The power of the shadowy. That restrains, tames, impedes.

Only through gentleness that this can have a successful outcome.

Fitting. Fitting.

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