My old computers, printers, television and Wii

The whole table was covered with old things i got from all the corners of my house, including the cellar and the attic. I got a telephone number from a friend. All these things will be repaired or ripped apart or send to the Ukraine or Russia or somewhere in Africa. Or might even stay in the Netherlands, like the Wii.
The Wii. I used this for around a month. Not a good buy.
My old iMac and Apple monitor. A Microsoft keyboard.
An Apple Extended Keyboard II. One of the best ever. I thought about keeping this, but no.
My old G4 Quicksilver computer. Beauty.
My television gone too. Not used for two years.
A box full of cables, most still packaged.
My old Apple monitor. Wonderful.
Bye bye!
My old Sony Triniton 17" monitor.
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