A walk outside

After lunch i went outside for a short walk. First i walked to the library to return the books i had. None were to my liking really. Yesterday i had bought a new book from Philip Pullman, The Secret Commonwealth the second novel in The Book of Dust trilogy. I try to take my time reading this book. I’m happy to see Lyra back as the main person in a novel.

I ate a bit too much. At home i had warmed up the vegetable and meatball soup i had made last Saturday. At the market i bought a croquette. Then another one. Then a cheese bun at the HEMA. As i said, a bit too much.

My handbag is broken again. While i was walking it fell to the ground. Last week i bought strong black thread especially for my handbag. Will try and mend it extra extra good!

It is a gray day. Not too cold. A light drizzle started to fall down while i was walking. But it is fine. I love to read my new book. Going back into it now.


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