Today i made a walk. A two bridges one, over the Erasmus bridge and the Willem bridge. Lovely weather. Sunshine, a slight breeze, around 25ÂșC.

I looked around. To the people, the water of the river dividing Rotterdam in a north part and a south part. Two bridges were open. I stood there watching to the top of the open bit.

I had decided to walk more. My diabetes is still a bit out of control. Ideally i would like to stop using the medicine, but i’m not sure i will be able to. One way to find out.

I was also thinking about Rotterdam itself. I live here for thirty four years. I’ve seen it grow and change. I remember the open bits, in the seventies, when i went with my mother to Rotterdam for clothes shopping. All these bits over the years are filled up. I understand the changes, of course. But still, i would like to have more green bits interspersed in between the houses. Small vegetable areas, where people can meet and work together. Get to know each other.

We are not there yet, I’m sad to say. Hopefully one day. Maybe even sooner than we think.
Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your weekend. Salute!

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