In the garden

Beautiful yellow flowers. Don't know their names, sorry 🙂
A fully grown corner in the garden. Roses and grasses.
Roses and comfrey
A bumblebee inside the rose
A rosebud
A rose
A rose?
Comfrey flower
The herbal spiral
Buttercups and calendula
Japanese wine berries
In the pots i have sown edible flowers, around two months ago
In this corner i weeded and planted edible flowers. Can't wait to see them fully grown!
Dandelions planted on this top of the bed
A huge plant
The seeds of either pak choy or amsoy, not sure which
Buttercups, in the background kale in flower
Calendula and buttercups
Dandelion seed head
The compost
Strawberry in flower
Sweet peas planted against the matras
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