Giving away books

Yesterday i was suddenly gripped by a going through my bookcases and clearing out all the books i haven’t read, half read, was given as a present and never read and books i simply do not like anymore. Half my eating table is full of them. I will go through them; some i will put in the giving away cases out on the street, some i will bring to the Slegter, the second-hand bookshop, some i will take to the garden to see if anyone else wants them. I still need to go through some shelves, the ones where there are two rows of books behind each other. And i still have some books in the attic.

I found some scifi books i simply do not like. Some philosophy books, some children’s book i have never read myself, some poetry books, some art books, architecture books. Some books i hoped i would read them someday. I have decided that day will not come. Some dvd’s, a sunglasses someone else left in the train. And there is more to come! Yeah!

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