Wednesday 19 December 2018

In the morning i have an appointment with Ronald. He works at the garden of the Kinderparadijs (Children’s Paradise). It looks wonderful! I love the hedges made of wooden branches, around 80 centimeters wide. The shed is cleaned up. So many tools, two pizza ovens and quite a few electrical tools. The little pond besides the insect hotel. The small space below the wooden wall made in the hope hedgehogs will find the garden. The cauliflowers growing fiercely.

I film Ronald. Twice. We talk about saving the world. Working in the garden. And many other things.

Last week i discovered a vegan chef Gaz Oakley with his youtube channel avantgardevegan. I have picked his lasagna as my dish for next week around Christmas. I am not vegan myself, so i did think about choosing meat or vegan. I have decided to go for the vegan meatsubstitute, but do the b├ęchamel sauce with butter and some cheese. I did buy some smoked paprika powder today. I do enjoy watching the many recipes of avantgardevegan, the seitan, tofu, tempeh, beans and chickpeas he uses.

I am actually starting to think about veganism more the past few weeks. Difficult to be honest. Ever since i lived on my own since 1985 i have eaten vegetarian and vegan meals regularly, but i never switched completely. It is not clear to me yet. I need more time. Way more time.

I took a month’s free Netflix account yesterday. My second free trial account since last year around this time. Last night i watched the first three episodes of The Rain, a Danish dystopian series. Maniac, Sabrina, Bird Box and many more i have added to my list. Will do a search for posts about worthwhile series and documentaries to watch.

This afternoon i will do a machine wash, fold some clothes that have been hanging over chairs in my living room for weeks. I will vacuum clean my house. Maybe i will start mending the duvet cover, the edge is loose over a meter wide. I will drink tea with a bit of chocolate. And watch some youtube clips and netflix a bit more. Yay!

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