A pleasant day

Nothing out of the ordinary really. I went to the shop Het kookpunt to look for a stand mixer. Way too expensive. After that i stopped by at home to change my shoes to slippers. It was a bit too warm to wear shoes. I stopped by the ice cream shop and sat outside eating my strawberry ice cream with whipped cream. Daniel came by on his bake. I yelled. We talked for a short while. Than i walked on to the Hema. No stand mixers there. Ooh well. I don’t really need one, i was only thinking about it. Past the supermarket and back to home.

And then ll the things i was thinking about while i was walking olong. The wind through the leaves. The sun shining on the water. The yellowing leaves. The eyes of people.

I did feel happy. I still do. Well, apart from what i am thinking about. Falling in love. Not yet. Not yet. Work. Work!

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