Thursday 19 July 2018

Thursday morning i woke around eight. I read some blogposts on my iPad before i got up around half past eight. For breakfast i had two cracottes with a boiled egg. Yum. I emptied the cat litter box, wiped the area around it. Brushed my teeth, put on my day cream and put on my black dress and went outside. Opening the Tuin op de Hofbogen. It was warm today. Not too warm. A light cooling breeze.

I walked to the garden. Past the woman with the little dog calld the same as my cat, Muis. Which means Mouse, in case you were wondering. I stood for a bit at the dogs place, watching the dogs out there. Most look a bit like wolves, with very light eyes. I let them sniff my hands. One i could stroke. He liked it.

On towards the garden. I got in through the side entrance. First i walked to the back, opening the gate there. Than up to the front, the gate with the Luchtsingel. I saw some people with children standing at the gate, but they walked down before i got there. I wanted to wave, but they were too far away. At the gate i called Rob. Rob has a app which opens the gate. I had to call a few times before i got him on the line. And hey, the people were coming back! They waited a bit before i got through to Rob. And then finally the gate was open, the people walked in and i walked out.

I saw a bicycle standing outside the Vredestuin. I walked up there and saw Hilde was working there. After a short chat about brassicas and the time of work tomorrow i walked back home. ooh, first i went past the poulterer and got myself some chicken livers. I do eat less carbs, more proteines. More cheese and meat i’m afraid.

Back home i made myself a cup of tea. Checked my iPad again. Then i went and sat behind my computer. An update. I decided to go through with this, took around half an hour. I read a book New Urban Farming. Nice one.

When my computer was all updated i went and started up World of Warcraft. First a battle pet fight on Rhoan, my 91 druid. Still need to level her. Patch 8.0 was released yesterday. Still some thing to get used to, but for my rogue most things were easy to adjust. Weird to see so much lower numbers. That item squish is quite something. I did buy a legendary for my 108 shaman. And then i tried to get into the shaman’s class hall. And wow quit on me. Three times. I gave up after that. Hmmm. Back to my rogue, did a few battle pet world quests. Then i finished four the Warder’s world quests and got my rep for them closer to revered. Not there yet.

For lunch i made a salad with chicken livers. A tomato, half a courgette and some swiss chard.

After lunch i watched the Tour de France for a bit. After half an hour or so i went back to my computer and started up Final Cut Pro. I watched the video’s i made yesterday, the ones i made a week and a half ago. I also went through some instrumental numbers in my iTunes, found a couple i added to see if they are any good. Still very much in the early stage of this new project. Lovely to see the new vids.

Back to the Tour de France. Todays was a big one, the Alpe d’Huez. For a while it looked like Kruijswijk would win. But the time of his lead diminished from six minutes until three and a half kilometers before the end he was finally past by by the top three of the general rankings: Thomas, Froome and Dumoulin.

In between i made a courgette cake. Just my basic recipe. With 200 grams of buckwheat and 100 grams of almond flour. I did take a slice once it was done. The rest i will take with me tomorrow when i work in the garden.

Some youtube videos. Some yoghurt. Still a bit hungry and up for some savoury after that, so i baked an egg with some bacon with two cracottes.

The rest of this evening i will watch the Great British Bake Off. I don’t know about the rest of this evening. I usually go to bed around ten till half past ten. Do some reading in bed, a book or on my iPad. Try to get some sleep. Last night went well actually.

To you, have a good weekend. Enjoy!

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