My two weeks vacation is nearly finished. The first half was about cakes. And a wedding. That Saturday was a lovely day. Sunshine, not too warm. The cakes were great. A bit worn out by the sun. Some a bit dense. Especially the vegan ones. But still good. The weddings celebration was in a farm in a small town south of Rotterdam. Easy going. Great food. Ice cream. Music. Games.

I did went home late in the evening. My bed back home was calling to me.

The final week was warmer. I decided to stop working on Thursdays in Park Pompenburg. More time for me and what i am working on. The videos. I love working in the garden. I love most of the people. But my work, this website, is the most important thing in my life. The photos, the songs, the videos, the things i talk about here. All very important to me. Not all true, or impressive to others, sure. But for me, my life. Everything.

I write this post on Saturday evening. Tomorrow i will be working in the Vredestuin. And there is a potluck in the evening. I already made some pickled courgette. I will bake a courgette cake. And courgette salad. Guess what the main harvest in the garden is?

About Spring. I love it. But i can see why people overlook it. It is quiet, the filming is getting better. Gardeners World has better filming in it. But, I already have my next idea lined up. I will start filming shortly. Three months i expect. So no, i’m not giving up.

The photos in this post are made by Nitai. Thank you!

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