Singing songs

This afternoon i sang along with my singing songs for almost two hours. My voice is getting better. But the song i want to sing, Reasons, is still out of my league.

So after singing that song twice, when it came up in the shuffle, i decided i wouldn’t post it yet. I need to practice more. Over the next week or so. Need to get this song in my system.

This playlist has most of the songs i have already sung in it plus a couple of other songs i really like and which i want to practice. Like Reasons. A song i know since the mid 70s, when i tried to sing along with it reading the lyrics from the album cover. Not my album, no, my sister’s.

Singing along made me realize i should do this more often. Like, every day. I love it. For now, i’m gonna watch a bit of television. The Great British Bake Off is on tonight. I have seen it already, but i don’t mind that. I love to watch it anytime.


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