Blood Moon

Today, 27 July 2018, there will be the longest total lunar eclipse visible in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. The totality will last 103 minutes, making it the longest in the 21st century. The moon will take on a reddish-orange glow during the eclipse. The name Blood Moon is usually used for this view on the moon.

Here in Rotterdam the advice is to look for an area with a clear view. At 21:30 the moon will rise in the east. It will be partly covered by the earth’s shadow by that time. The full eclipse starts at 21:30 and will end at 23:13. You do not need any special eye equipment to watch the moon.

Mars will be very close to the moon on this day and will be easy to see with naked eyes.

I will try and make some photographs of the moon. Hopefully there will be a clear sky here in Rotterdam. If i succeed i will add the photographs to this post over the weekend.

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