Working in the garden

Today i planted the flower plants i seeded around six weeks ago. First i planted four nasturtiums in the flowerbed in the Peace Garden.
A close up
I set out poles besides the nasturtiums, hoping they will climb up.
I dug a hole, watered it and then set out the plants. Afterwards i watered them again.
I do hope these will grow large against the wall. I love the way nasturtiums look. And taste.
All together
The pots the plants are growing in. At first i thought i would keep them in them. I do hope the plants will flower before 23 June. I would like to use them for the wedding cakes. But i also will love the area outside to look as pretty as possible. So i am planting them out. Hoping i will be able to pick some flowers on the wedding day.
A fence is build around the plants. During the night, mostly on the weekend, cars do use the square and actually drive over this part. Hoping this fence will prevent that.
Guessing: a pea and a bean?
And more nasturtium
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