I didn’t sleep well last night. Probably my menopausal thing. Oh well. I got out of bed half past ten. I baked two pancakes from the batter i made last Friday. With some bacon. Or whatever you call it. It was nice.

Today i had to fill in my taxes. One for everything i earned in 2017. Not that much. One for my VAT for the first quarter of 2018. Which i did first. With the camera, iPad and iMac i bought. So yes, hopefully i get it all back. After the VAT i went out and got some bread, peanut butter,chocolate, cats food and toilet paper. I bought a bread with a kroket and ae it in the Markthal and watched the people walking about and chatting and leading their lives. It brought tears to my eyes.


When i got back home i made some chocolate milk. I decided i would do a normal tax form. I’m not a company. I hardly earned anything last year anyway. So i did it the easy way. And yes, since i only made around 2000 euros last year, nothing i need to pay.

It is chilly today. Wet. But towards the end of the week it’ll warm up. Yeah.


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