A short talk

More than five weeks ago i sold my house. I have been spending some money since then. A new camera. A new iPad. A new computer. Today i bought one of the final things. Final Cut Pro. It is a bit dazzling to buy all these things. Especially after the frugal years i leave behind.

I know, i can only live in my house for two more years. But for now, i’m treating myself. Giving myself the good stuff to work with. Giving myself a chance to work more, better.

I will go back to making videos. I have been filming in the garden already. It still feels far away, but it is closer than it feels. I have been drawing on the iPad. Making photos. All these new things. Making walks again. Lovely.

I will move on. I will not give up. Not give in. Not for now. It does feel like a time all for myself. This time. A time to work in. To be happy in.

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