Christmas shopping

This year’s special Albert Heijn‘s special Christmas shopping booklet with all the Christmas dishes you can buy. Some things do appeal, especially the vegetables and vegetable mixes for soups. Most things though i don’t like at all. The ready made dishes. The chocolate milks. The puddings. I’m not saying i won’t buy anything in the Albert Heijn. But not that much. These dishes are of course meant for the largest crowd in the Netherlands. The people with not that much time, simply wanting to celebrate Christmas together. Nothing wrong with that.

I won’t be spending Christmas with my family this year. I will ask around if other people are spending Christmas alone, maybe there is something we can organize. A dinner. With sauerkraut and mashed potatoes perhaps. A self made cake for dessert. And whipped cream. Pumpkin soup. Or parsnip soup. Simple dishes. But i’ll see what comes around. Still plenty of time to organize something.

Aah, and today i donated five euros to the Kraut Fund Fest Rotterdam. On 16 December i will go to the Rotterdamse Oogst Markt and make my own sauerkraut. With a special bucket and a water seal. My own experiment a year ago failed horribly. Or was it two years ago? Anyway, looking forward to that!

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