Spinach quiche

The New Zealand spinach, parsley and thyme picked today
The greens picked last Friday: rocket, chervil, turnip greens
From the freezer five pieces of puff pastry. Once defrosted i put all five on each other and used a rolling pin to spread it out. Next time i will make a quiche i will make a quick pastry for the crust. Butter and flour basically. For now i wanted to use this puff pastry, which i bought over a year ago.
Three eggs. I didn't use the leek. And i used one more egg.
The puff pastry spread out and in the tin
The filling. Four eggs, a bit of whole milk, salt and pepper, four cloves of garlic sliced thinly, cayenne pepper and all the greens cooked in a bit of water and sliced roughly. No cheese, i didn't have any in the house. It would be a good addition though. No cream either. Would be nice too.
A close up of the cake once it is finished baking. For an hour in a 175ÂșC oven. I did put some aluminium foil around the tin. I noticed some leaking of the filling. I like the way the filling looks. Packed with greens.
One quarter for dinner. The rest in the fridge.
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