Garden work and homemade soup

Today i felt a bit better. This morning i went to the garden at the Hofbogen. Weeded a bit. Harvested courgettes and green beans. Rutger harvested oak leaf lettuce, parsley, chard and basil. We also got an apple each! It was good, even a bit of sunshine. Towards the end it started to rain. Heavy downpour. Still alright.

In the afternoon i spend most of the time reading. Last Saturday i got the Veronica Roth books Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. Reading the third book now. Last Sunday i watched Divergent once again. Didn’t quite watch it till the end. I like the books. The films too. But i do prefer the Hunger Games. More original story, good characters. But still, while i wait for the Hunger Games books to be available in the library, any books are good right now.

This after noon i finally made the soup i planned to make Sunday. Vegetables from the garden: the green beans, chard, herbs, potatoes, kohlrabi. Some from the market: leek, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery. And a pot of tomatoes i got from Conny this Sunday. Dumpster dived as a thank you for the soup i made a week ago for the garden. The soup is nice. The kohlrabi a bit stringy, not too bad though. Like all the soups i made over the past two months. Yum 🙂

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