This morning i had to go out sober, with nothing eaten yet, to have my blood pricked. This week on Thursday i have an appointment with my doctor. Walking outside felt wonderful. Sun shining. A bit of wind. A quiet Monday morning.

Back home i made my breakfast. Oats porridge. With a bit of sugar. And some butter. And cinnamon.

This afternoon i cleaned up parts of the kitchen. The kitchen window. The plate rack. The cupboard beneath the sink. The cupboard next to it. Cleaning all the stuff inside. Putting more bowls underneath the sink. Vacuum cleaning my house. It felt good. Singing along with the music. Good too!

Thinking lots. It is becoming clearer. I do hope things will turn out right for me. I do hope i will find what i want to say. What i want to do.

I’m still walking to it. Every day is different. I feel different. Time moves on. Slowly.

I so very much hope.

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