The little things

For breakfast i made myself some oatmeal porridge.

I played a little warcraft after that. Doing quests in Aszhara, exploring it at the same time. I love that area.

I ironed my clothes. I’m such a slob. These clothes were hanging in my backroom for like six months or so. Summer clothes. I also mended the pink shirt, a small section of the neck area was getting loose. Luckily i had some pink thread. I also went further with my handkerchief i started yesterday. Finished up the orange thread i was using. I will change color for the next bit. Red. Or light blue.

For lunch i made an omelet with onions and bacon and spinach and feta and two eggs. Half an avocado on the side.

I am still thinking about the e-mail i want to write. I collected the books i want to return. I’ve had them for around 35 years maybe? Way too long. One book is from Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead. I read it a couple of times. I did enjoy it. But it is time to give it back. The e-mail? Hmm… tomorrow. Yes tomorrow!

I did just vacuum cleaned the house. That was needed! It looks a bit better now, i’m happy to say. Still, i need to get my old loudspeakers to the cellar. They are broke. I also need to get some old paper to the paper container. The bag is overflowing. And i need to empty my compost bucket. Tomorrow.


I think i will do a washing of clothes today. So many things to do tomorrow.

Ooh! This morning when i put on my onesie and i found out the zipper was broke. But when i took it off and put on my normal clothes, i checked again, pushed and pulled a little and hey! i fixed it. Yay!

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