Sunday afternoon

This Sunday afternoon i worked in the garden. I helped clearing out the round square in front of the garden and the sides. So many plastic wraps are thrown to this side. I know, i didn’t used to be so into this myself when i was younger. I smoked and i am sure i threw away cigarettes. But still, i was careful my whole life.

Last week when i walked past the bridge center down the street i talked with the two people standing out there and smoking. I pointed at the twenty or thrity cigarette points lying on the street. Why is there no ashtray standing outside. Someone will clear it up, one of them said. A way to move aside responsibility to someone else. Not good enough.

Such a little thing. So many little things all together.

I hope you have a nice week. Do good things! Believe in yourself!

Hmm, am i saying this to myself? Or to you? Not sure to be honest. Doesn’t really matter.

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