Off the cliff

My mind is running circles around me. Half the time i enjoy it. But not sleeping does make it a bit hard. For now though, i am accepting it as it is.

I think, i hope, i believe, i pray this is part of all the things happening to me right now. If not, well, than it is the quiet life for me. I will need some time to adjust myself to that, if it is like that. But for now, i’m geared for a public life. Preparing myself. And that does mean going at it with everything in me. Sometimes waiting. Sometimes working in the garden. Sometimes working on my blog. Sometimes, hopefully, sleeping too!

So for you, the final bit of the movie Thelma & Louise. When all things come into focus, and people around you are pointing their guns at you, there is only one way to go.

Off the cliff.

Have a good weekend!

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