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Waking up this morning around half past eight. I slept through the night. A good thing! Usually i wake up around four in a dreamy world with dreamy thoughts. Not last night. I open the door of my bedroom and let the cats in. Mieke jumps on the bed straightaway. She lies down for a bit, but soon stands up again and sit next to my face. Her little paw with sharp nails carefully tries to touch my hands, my arms, my face. I’m hungry! By this time Muis is sitting on the cupboard next to my bed. Looking at me. So yeah, food!

I get out, open a tin of catfood and give Muis a generous portion. A little bit for Mieke, as she is not a huge fan of wet catfood. She likes the dry cat food better. I go back to bed and get the iPad from the cupboard. Going through my rss feed i jump at an post on the avclub.com about a video with Tilda Swinton and Benedict Cumberbatch playing Jenga. I enjoy the whole clip.

Around ten i get out of bed. I still have batter for pancakes in my fridge and bacon. So i make two pancakes. Yum! I watch a bit of television, but i turn it of soon. Nothing much to see. I sit myself behind my computer, and whoah! i start writing this post.

Now i will unzip World of Warcraft 3.3.5a and starting it up and try connecting it to Dalaran WOW. I’m curious!


The leaves are turning yellow.



I just played World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. Definitely my fave expansion. Made a blood elf paladin and leveled up to 5.

Now it is time for some food, dressing up, going out to the garden to empty my compost bucket and get to the shop to get me some cleaning vinegar.. and maybe some more bacon for tomorrow mornings pancakes. 🙂



I forgot the bacon!

But, i did get some red wine. And i ran into Soto. We talked a bit about zero waste and detergent.

While i was walking i thought about today and about me writing. I could write the whole day! But i wont. I could talk about all the things i want to make for here. A post about Life is wonderful. Which i already started in February, but is lying undisturbed. I thought about these weeks, the weeks before my money runs out. I thought about me becoming known. Or famous. I don’t know which one it will be. I know i am the only person believing this will happen. Other people will think i am crazy. But still, i am the only person i can believe. Of course i could be wrong. But if i give up now, than i’m sure i am wrong. So i will continue. Not manic. But easy.

I will make a video for Robin Hood. It is just, i have trouble importing the sound into iMovie. It quits each time i try. So i need to find another way, maybe through a movie. It’ll be done for sure, next week!



I just watched Escape to the Country while i mended two leggings. A dark grey one and a lighter grey one. They all get holes near the crotch. So i mend those holes, with thread and a needle. I have a olive green one which i need to mend too, but now i will start on my soup and my laundry detergent. I want that done today!

The photo is of the garden. Most rows are seeded for the second time this year, with later veggies. Some beans, lettuce, amsoy, and quite a few other things are slowly appearing. We also weeded the surrounding hedges. Sunday we started digging out the pathways. We will get more woodchips and throw it on them. Lovely how it looks now!


OK, no laundry detergent today. Tomorrow! Making the soup took a long time, with cutting up all the vegetables. I decided to cook the white beans i had in my fridge since last friday. They still have an hour to go. The onion, leek, carrot, celery, bell pepper, tomato, basil, chives are all cut quite finely. Halfway i added around one and a half a liter of water, two cubes of stock, freshly ground black pepper and a teaspoon of salt. I checked all the other veg i had in my fridge, they were mostly dried out, so i put them all in my compost bucket. I also did a bit of washing up and cleaning. I still have at least a whole day before i do my next wash, so its fine to do it tomorrow.



The day is done. It was calm. Pleasant. I enjoyed meeting Soto by chance. I enjoyed the soup i made, plenty for at least two more days.

I don’t enjoy Expiditie Robinson as much as i used to. I don’t enjoy the voting out of a person. And most participants are very young. But i still watch it. Not sure for how long really.

Tomorrow i’m gonna work in the garden. Looking forward to it! I should look into insects hotels a bit more, find a way to make the really easy ones, small ones. But i also found a large one which didn’t use any nails and hammering, just a simple setting of stones on each with parts of wood. Will search more!

Have a good weekend.


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