Escape to the country

Escape to the Country is one of my favourite programs on the BBC channel. It shows 5 times a week, usually around three or four o’clock. Dutch time that is, in the UK it is on an hour earlier. I do admit people with a large budget, of more than £ 500.000 are my favourite. Larger gardens, larger houses, larger kitchens. I like that. My favourite presenter is Alistair Appleton. Yeah, i go for the pretty boy.

I sometimes dream away of my special house i would love to live in. An old industrial building? A large loft in New York? A house on the beach? All houses far away from my little apartment in the center of Rotterdam. Which i do love! It’s like, i hardly can imagine myself living anywhere else. I am living in this same house for the past 21 years, so yes, it is hard to really see myself living somewhere else. But dreaming does take me away sometimes.

To be honest, I don’t really see myself living in the countryside. Maybe when i’m older and live a more relaxed life. But i’d like to see myself living in cities, as i do now. Amongst the people.

Grand Designs
Grand Designs is another program i enjoy watching. It is not on that much now, and mostly on repeats.

First of all, I do love the presenter Kevin McCloud. Very sympathetic, knowledgable. A good face, pleasant voice. Seems to get along with most of the people participating.

When i did some searches i found this all time favourite episode with Ben Law and his woodland house. I even remembered his face. Not the house though.

There is one other episode which i do remember, the one with an old industrial building, no longer used. Completely redone by the people who bought it. At the end they drove a car into it and used it as furniture. I did do a search, twice. I went through all the listing hoping to see the episode quickly, but i missed it. Most likely it is no described the way i remember it.


I do love both these shows. I don’t always watch it. But when i can, i enjoy it. A few shows i found on youtube. There are loads more on.

I don’t think much about alterior motives to make these shows. They could be good for houses retail. They could be good for showing the countryside. For showing landmarks. But i don’t think about that a lot. I prefer to sit on my couch with a cup of tea or some fruit and yoghurt. Dreaming away a bit.

A short selection. Feel free to either watch it on tv, or do a search yourself in youtube or vimeo. Or watch in live on the BBC or Channel 4.



Escape to the Country – Hampshire [16-68]

Escape to the Country – North Devon [16:59]

Escape to the Country – Dorset [15:36]

Ben Law’s Woodland House

Grand Designs | Season 16 Episode 4 | Worcestershire 2015

Popular Videos – Grand Designs

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