On the roof

Today, Thursday 19 May, i went to visit my mother. We went out for a bit of shopping, got some herring for lunch and talked for quite some time.

After i got back in Rotterdam i walked up the stairs, made in front of the Central Station, going up to the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw. It was quite a walk. I did feel my legs ache a bit. I did stop for a bit and looked around halfway. Eeew… i’m a bit scared of the height. I walked away from the side and stuck to the inside. Up on the roof it was lovely. You can walk around the whole roof, viewing the station, the north part of Rotterdam, Schiedam at the west side, the river to the south and the high rise buildings close to it.

I did film. Walking up the stairs, walking down. Looking around at the roof. I will go back early next week and film some more. After i watched what i have got now and look for more types of shots i want to use. Letting the idea come to live slowly.

For tonight, some views. The sun came out while i was walking up there. Yay!





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