In this video i added clips i filmed the past two months. I didn’t film for a bit after the last video i made five months ago. I had to give myself a bit of time to think about these video’s.

The music in this video is from Idris Muhammed. The music i’ve known ever since i got 1989 Paul’s Boutique from the Beastie Boys. Only a couple of years ago when i found this playlist from a fan with all music sampled on this cd i discovered Idris Muhammed. This particular song Loran’s Dance is wonderful.

Some of the clips, the ones made in the Kralingse Bos, i made this week. The three starting the video are from that walk. I love the sound of the birds. The sounds of the cars not so much, but that is life in a big city. It is still part of the scene. I also love the end scene. I sat in the Heemtuin for a while in front of a swan sleeping in front of me. He woke up and started to wash himself.

I didn’t edit this movie that much. I did hustle all the clips, apart form the beginning and the end. I also added cross dissolve transitions between each clip. I did shorten around half of the clips, but still left them rather long. I enjoy watching these long clips, the wind blowing, the people walking and talking and smiling.

The title! Well, that wasn’t easy. For a couple of days i was trying to find a good title. Yesterday i typed in Life. I liked it. I still do.


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