A walk to the Markthal

Not really a walk. But still. I went out to do a bit of shopping. I needed to get me some toilet paper, a bit of food. And yes, menstrual pads. I had to look up that word.

The sun was shining. Is still shining as i write this. It’s not cold. Not warm either, but i could walk with my coat open. Still had my hands in my pockets though. Chilly. Yes. I walked out of the house, past the Rotte. Crossed the Goudsesingel to the Meent. Walked the tightrope! I look at the people around me. Walking fast, slow, eating something, smoking, going into a shop, coming out of it. Just doing everyday stuff.

I go around the corner to the Binnenrotte. This is where the market is, twice a week. Part of it is fenced. They are changing the lay-out. Making it more user friendly. A bit more trees. After they have moved all the other trees, months ago. Those were in a line on the side of the square. The new trees are more randomly placed. They still need to grow a bit. It is all really new, no leaf has bloomed yet.

So i go into the Markthal. I’m hungry. I buy a bread with a croquette at Bram Ladage. I eat it standing besides the escalators going down. I watch the people going down. Nobody catches my eye. Nobody.

I go into the asian supermarket, Wah Nam Hong. I buy some tofu, Japanese ramen noodles, prawn crackers, a packet of shrimp noodles. Not my favourite ones, they were sold out. Other ones, to try out.

Not a good buy. Writing this now, later, i had made the noodle soup. I didn’t enjoy it as much as i do the other ones. They have a packet of hot oil in them. Lovely! These ones had two packets, one with a shrimp flavor, the other with a pepper powder. No.

I walk out and go down the escalator. I enter the Albert Heijn. I get me a piece of the cheese standing on the bench. Hmmm. I walk to the cookies. A whole aisle! My new word of the day! Reading the wikipedia page now. Aisle. Hmm. It seems to be used in US English mostly. Still, it feels like a suitable word for a supermarket pathway.

Anyway. A whole aisle of cookies! I do set a few lines straight. Such a mess people make of it. Some cookies are completely lost. I stand there looking all along to find a right place to save these whole meal cookies in. I can not find it. I look again. No. So i simply place it in a empty spot. I do get some cookies for myself. Whole meal cookies with raisins. Their packaging is new. I had to read what it said now.

I get my toilet paper, the menstrual pads. I walk past the frozen section. I see the icecream, the vegetables, the snacks, chips. I take nothing of that. I pay at the cash register.

I go out of the Markthal at the side. Walk on the Binnenrotte again. The birds are flying all around, walking searching for a bit of food. Doves, seagulls. A seagull is making this sound while sitting on a street light, another seagull standing besides him. I walk closer. They fly away. Two doves are walking to each other, but nothing happens. They pass with a meter between them.

I take the corner to the Meent. Cross the street. Do the tightrope again! Close to home now.

Lovely day.

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