A walk in Rotterdam: the Park and along the Nieuwe Maas

On this lovely spring day i went out for a walk. I went through the city center towards the Museumpark and crossed the Westzeedijk to the Park. Many many birds! I even see some parakeets flying. A heron was walking stately, occasionally eating something. I sat on the ground for a bit, watched it walking a big circle around me. That is when i saw the parakeets flying too.

When i walked further on through a path through some blue flowers blooming between the trees i went out and sat below a huge tree near the water. It was lovely.

I went out the way closest to the Nieuwe Maas and walked along the quay. I took the tram back home.

Erasmus MC
The Park
Parkzicht. In the early 80s i used to go out here, dance till the morning light, sit on the porch and listen to the birds waking up.
A nameless flat
The heron
Sitting at the foot of a tree looking up and around me
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