Not a sick day, but an off key one, ooh man

I need some rest. I had a bit earlier this week, Monday i slept in. Tuesday a bit too. Tuesday i wrote the Scritti piece. Yesterday i didn’t feel good. Today i feel better. But my head is still going rush much further than i want it too and it’s simply too much to keep all in and wow how i long for an uninterrupted night of sleep and no i don’t get that at all so damn.

pfff …

Tomorrow, sorry, that is today, Friday, for the ones reading this, i’m going to my mum. Walking from the train station to her house. Looking forward to that. Right now, Thursday evening, i feel my arms almost shaking with tiredness.

I guess that happens to someone who fullfills her dream she had for thirty (really? no, not thirty.. say twenty, i didn’t think of giving these drawings to Green at all when i was younger) – twenty years.



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