Happy birthday sweetie

I’ll be updating this blog post during the day. Enjoy!

My breakfast. Nothing unusual, this is my normal everyday breakfast. Soft boiled egg on a rye-spelt bread with a good spread of real butter. Not self baked this time, still good.

Went into town. I bought a brown bread with veal croquette. Homemade. Excellent. I made a walk about the town centre. Not that many smiles this time. People seemed closed, into themselves. Hmm. Went through the Markthal and bought some baklava. Yummy. On my way home i went past the wine shop and bought myself a dry Riesling. Back home now.

My two lovely cats enjoying the warmth. Until i woke them up making a picture of them of course.

It is just a normal day. I did feel my birthday a bit this morning, when i woke up. And yes, i did enjoy my walk through town. And the baklava. It was nice. Sweet. I did feel a bit lonely this afternoon, after i got home. I did think back of years ago, when i used to celebrate my birthday with friends. Some of them congratulated me on facebook today. It is a bit odd.

I did enjoy Liorah’s message:

Een prachtig nieuw levensjaar toegewenst waarin al je dromen uitkomen


No, i’m not sad. On the whole i’m happy. But i didn’t sing today. Which i do love to do. I did dance though, just yet. Sweat is still on my forehead. Great!

Yesterday i was thinking about what i would write here today. I wasn’t sure. I don’t think i will write something grandiose tonight. Don’t feel like it. Might not ever. I do think i will go and watch a bit more tv in a minute.

I am having a lovely day. All by myself. It’s fine.


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