A quiet day

Still feeling a bit sick today. Well, a bit of a cold. Nothing too bad. I hope!

I did go out for a short bit and did some shopping. It wasn’t cold. But it will get a bit colder. Sunny too! Like, for the next two days, all bright and sunny.

I didn’t do a lot today. Played a bit of vanilla warcraft. Together with a new player. She (or he) was nice. We did a quest together in Loch Modan. We made a good team.

I was thinking of this meeting i had with a stranger on the road last Saturday. She asked me why i was walking the tightrope thing. I said it was a practice. And while i said it i almost fell of. The first time ever. We talked for a bit after that. She was nice. A bit damaged.

And then ooh! That little boy! I was eating a sausage bread and a mum and her son came sitting right besides me. The little boy, around four five years old i guess, was scared of the birds. Most kids are not scared at all. They run up to them and chase them away. But this boy dropped some of the fish on the ground. A pigeon tried to eat some of it, but he chased it away. I got a bit upset. I got to the ground, picked up the food and threw it further away. It just felt so mean, to have this food on the ground, which birds love to eat, and then chase them away from it.

Oh well. It is over and done with.

This week i will be going to the Ugo Rondinone exibit in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen here in Rotterdam. I do plan to make a whole day of it. Hopefully i will feel good enough Wednesday. I used to visit it so many times, especially when i was at art school. I did go there a few years back. I still love the place.

Anyway, it is the end of today. I wish you a happy Tuesday. Do something you like. Smile to a stranger. Say hi to your neighbour. Look up at the sky.


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