The Greatest Love of All


In the late 80s i had a love/hate thing with Whitney Houston. I did buy her first two albums. I did try to sing along with her songs. She was very beautiful. She had a great voice. She was something completely alien to me. I simply couldn’t imagine what her life was like, how she could be happy with what she was doing. I even made some works with her portrait photocopied. I had this link between Whitney, me and the painting the Girl with the Pearl earring from Johannes Vermeer. I made drawings of all three.

My Whitney obsession did fade away over time. I was shocked though when i saw the pictures of that time she was so skinny. I was also shocked when i heard she had died, in 2012.

On my MIX playlists i have one song, Saving all my love for you. A few months ago i listened to some more songs from her and this one stood out for me. My version is not so technically advanced of course. I still like it.

The original video clip

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