Today i worked on my new videoclip, My House. It’s filmed in my house. My cats, Mieke and Muis are playing in it. I filmed some more today. I played with the order of the clips, how long each clip lasts. I still need to decide if i’m gonna use some transitions. Not sure about that. Maybe only in a couple of places. Hopefully i’ll be done tomorrow.

I also had a hair mask with coconut oil. This morning i warmed up around three spoons of the oil and warmed it up. I put it up on my my hair, clipped it tight and spend the next two to three hours with my hair oily. After that i took a shower and washed my hair. It’s still slightly damp. It does feel good though! Worth the repeat.

I also read some more Harry Potter.The fifth book, with that ghastly teacher Umbridge. It’s fun to read. I admit, i’ve seen the movies more often that i’ve read the books. But, it does make reading the book more interesting. Seeing the differences and similarities. Fun to read.

The weather this week is glorious. Sunny, a slight wind, around 18ÂșC. Lovely!

And that is it for now. Enjoy your Thursday!

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