A walk along the beach

Today, Sunday 4 October, i made the same walk as i did early April. I walked from Scheveningen to Hoek van Holland. The same route. I left this morning around ten, arrived at the beach around eleven thirty.

In Rotterdam, when i left, it still was very misty. I did start to see a bit more sun in the train on my way to The Hague. And when i arrived at the beach, it was a full blue sky. It did get a bit more cloudier during the afternoon. The weather overall was great though. Around 19ÂșC, a bit of wind. Lovely.

Halfway when i sat down to eat a banana, i took of my shoes. I walked the rest with my bare feet, mostly through the water. It wasn’t that cold. There were some people swimming! Not that many, but still.

The early parts of the walk i spend filming. I do plan to make a beach clip this week. Since the rest of the week the weather will be more windy, cloudy and rainy, i decided to go to the beach today. I usually sing a song on Sunday, but this week it will be later in the week.

And yes, i’m tired! With the rests i took along the way, i spend around five hours on the beach. I did love the water and my bare feet and some little talks with people along the way and the sun and the sound of the waves and the birds.

A good day!

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