Lions after slumber

OK, this is not my favourite Scritti Politti song, but it is interesting. I’ve known this song since 1986, when i bought the album Songs to remember. I’ve been practising getting the words and the order right for years. Nowadays it’s easy, you simply search for lions after slumber lyrics and there it is. Although, i did have to add my own shit. Ha!

So i admit, i still don’t know the entire lyrics out of my head. It is hard, since the structure of the text is so uniform. The rhythm of the song lyrics is less uniform, some words go fast, some go slower. Some go really slow. I still had to sing along with the song itself a couple of times to memorize the entire structure of the song.
I did leave out the instrumental bit. That is the hard part when you sing a cappella. I can do some la la la’s and ooh ooh ooh’s, but with this song i simply didn’t feel like doing that. So i skipped it.

So, even when this song isn’t my favourite scritti song of all time, i do love it. I even made a present with in 2005, Lions after slumber. A fitting name.

I hope you will enjoy this one. 🙂

Lions After Slumber

My diplomacy, my security, my hope and my ice-cream
My tomorrow and my temperature, my lips and my selfishness
My cigarette, my uncertainty, my penetration
My notebook and my limit, my importance and my glycerine
My customer, my function, my lawlessness, my charm
My hunger, my refusal, my tissue and my vodka
My ommission, my ability, my telephone and my holler
My relaxing, my distress, my bedroom, my cassette
My dictation and my pulse, my fortune and my death
My flake and my restlessness, my headache and my dirt
My paper and my charity, my rose and my pallor
My guess and my closet, my light ‘n’ my time
My worry, my perversity, my transgression
My temptation and my polythene, my gunshot
My jealousy and my water
My demands ‘n’ my angels ‘n’ my waiting ‘n’ my distance
My death, my curtness, my insulin, my memory
My partner ‘n’ my sadness, my story, my wantoness
My wish, my despair, my erasure, my plantation
My white chocolate, my thoughtlessness, my gracelessness
My courage and my crying, my pockets ‘n’ my mistakes
My body and my sex, my gaze and my helplessness
My letter, my sugar, my homework, my walk
My records, my smile and my struggle
My reflection, my eyelid, my fragility, my discretion
My hair, my austerity, my tattoo, my demise
My fooling and my terror, my problem and my judgement
Oh my disguise, my tongue, my own shit
My ownership, my formula, my property, my thought, my razor
My blessing and my silence, my lust and my practice
My sincerity, my penecillin, my window and my androgyny
My mother, my recorder, my pity and my posing
My light, my carelessness, my drummer, my drummer, my drummer, my drummer
My tenderness ‘n’ my car, my undoing and my history
My bottle and my drugs, my drugs, my drugs
Tomorrow, my temperature, my lips and my selfishness
My cigarette, my uncertainty, my penetration, my notebook

My limit, my importance, my glycerine, my customer, my function
My lawlessness, my charm and my hunger
My refusal, my tissue, my vodka, my admission

My ability and my telephone, my holler, my relaxing
My distress and my bedroom, my restlessness, my headache
My dirt, my paper, charity, my rose
My pallor, my guess and my closet,
my light ‘n’ my time, my worry, my perversity
My transgression honey, my temptation honey
My polythene, my jealousy
My water, my demands, my angels
My waiting, my distance, my death, my curtness, my insulin
My memory, my partner, my refrigerator
My sadness, my story, my wantoness, my skipping
My wish and my despair, my erasure, my plantation, my chocolate
My thoughtlessness, my gracelessness, my courage and my crying
My pockets, my homework
Like lions after slumber in unvanquishable number
Oh yeah

The orginal

The single version

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  • paul grivell says:

    my ears have always heard ‘my own shit’ – so much better than ‘my ownership’, especially following ‘my tongue’.

    • Ellen says:

      The words are:

      Oh my disguise, my tongue, my own shit
      My ownership, my formula, my property, my thought, my razor

      ‘My own shit’ is part of the lyrics, right after ‘my tongue’. ‘My ownership’ comes straight after that

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