A walk in Rotterdam: Heijplaat

Heijplaat is a place i had never been to before. I knew where it was, on the south side of Rotterdam. Looking on the map, i see it is on the opposite site of Marconiplein. I used to live close to Marconiplein, from 1985 until 1995. I looked on the map and finally decided to get out in the tube station Slinge and walk from there.

It was a good day, weatherwise. A clear blue sky, a slight breeze, not too hot. First i went through Pendrecht. Never read much about it. I talked with a person who saw me taking photo’s of the flats. According to him it is getting better. Houses and flats are improved. It is a slow process, but its getting there. I could see the new builds. I did feel like a stranger walking through the area.

The Waalhaven. An old harbour area, still used as such. With smaller boats. The bigger boats get unloaded more up the river. Or down the river? Closer to the North Sea anyway. Its sort of a faded look, not ugly, but utilitarian. This is not an area for beautiful landscapes, but a working area. Everything has a purpose.

And in the midst of all this, a living area, Heijplaat. It is bigger than i imagined. You couldn’t see the harbour around it. I bet you could hear it though. Not on a quiet sunday, but on weekdays for sure. I walked all the way up to the waterside. Museum Rotterdam and RDM, the Rotterdam Drydock Company are situated there.

I had planned to go back by bus. But i had to wait for around 15 minutes, so i got myself some water (i had forgotten to take some with me) and walked around a bit more. Then i noticed there was a boat going twice an hour. It stopped close to the Erasmus Bridge. From there i easily walked back home.

From the tube station Slinge walking through Pendrecht to the Waalhaven
A new flat in Pendrecht
Bike signs
The road going by the Waalhaven
A work building
The Waalhaven
The road to Heijplaat
Harbour work. Most parts in this area are quite old. The newer harbours are closer to the North Sea.
A parking lot, ships, lighting. In the centre you see the Erasmus Bridge, really tiny.
Heijplaat, a small living area in the midst of the harbour.
Across the water the three flats of Marconiplein. I used to live close to them from 1985 - 1995.
A view on Rotterdam
A huge building, part of Museum Rotterdam.
A quiet walk behind the museum
Taking the boat back to the Erasmus Bridge
The boat, a catamaran, and a view on the harbour of Rotterdam
The Euromast and the entrance to the underwater bike and pedestrain tunnel
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