A walk in Rotterdam: around the Kralingse Plas

Wednesday it was gorgeous weather. A blue sky, a bit of wind, around 19 Celsius in Rotterdam. I went out for a walk around the Kralingse Plas, a lake in Rotterdam with a large park around it. It was busy in the park, especially at the water. People were lying in the grass in swimwear, standing at the water and playing. I walked through them and went for a path going around the water. It got quieter.

I did notice the work of the forest managers. They left the remains of the chopped off trees lying around all over the place. Moss grew on it, i even saw some mushrooms. When i got at the water again, i saw a pier stretching out into the water. I walked on it and sat for a while at the front, looking out over the water, the sailing boats and the view of the Rotterdam skyline.

I went further along, saw the many people with dogs walking about. Then i walked back over the the Oudedijk and got home. It was around 10 kilometers, took me around three hours, with me sitting for a bit and taking the photos. Loved it!

Leaves are getting all out all over the place
A small brook in the park
The chopped off trees are kept lying around
Most trees are still bare, but shrubs are getting green
Like i said: green! Honestly, the picture was even greener. I put in a bit more magenta to give it a little more contrast.
The moss is covering the tree stumps. I love this photo 🙂
Moss and some other plants, no idea what sort!
A large opening in the park
A plate explaining the work on the water over the past eight years. Sorry, i don't feel like translating this piece 😛
A sail boat and the skyline of Rotterdam
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