I stayed at home today. Dreaming away. Halfway the sun came out. I was thinking about what to make for tomorrow, i wasn’t sure. Then i saw the sun and the light reflecting on the water shine on the wall. I had to charge up the battery in my camera for a bit. Then i made some pictures. It reminded me of the ones i made in art school. Photographing the flat surfaces with little details popping in at the edge. Apart from the top picture, which is simply one i really like.

So well, this is it. I had loads more, but these are the ones i picked. Enjoy!

The ceiling. The provisionary lamp hanging up.
Sunshine, a candle stain and a red ball
A tear and a monitor cleaning cloth
A tear, a corner, the sunshine and part of work of a friend
Work of a friend, sunshine and that candle stain again
A lamp, comics inside the bookcase
The floor, a shadow of Muis, some records
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