The face at the top of this post, is my usual face. I do wear glasses most of the time, but i do have daily lenses. As you see i do have not a bad skin for a 51 year old woman. A few wrinkles beneath the eyes, a few lines on the forehead. I do have slight red cheeks, which i don’t mind too much.

This post shows how i prepare my skin for a full make up. Which is something i hardly ever do. And i mean really that. But i did want to try it out myself. Usually, i use some of the foundation on my chin and cheeks. A bit of concealer and the powder to finish it. Both are quite new, so they haven’t been in my routine that long.

I did buy the Clarins Concealer a few months ago on recommendation of the pixiwoo girls. The Mac prep+prime finishing powder was recommended by multiple sources, Miss Lipgloss among them.

I am interested in getting a primer. I haven’t done any research yet. Maybe a smashbox one, i did read some good reviews on those. But developments are going fast. And i do not want to many silicones really, so i should read more about ingredients.

My foundation is nearly empty. So i do need to read more about these too! It’s a shame Nars isn’t sold here in the Netherlands, i’m really interested in the Sheer Glow Faundation. The Estee Lauder Double Wear seems pretty good too. But as i said, it’ll be quite a task to find the right one.

After i made all the photos for this post, i rushed to the bathroom and removed everything! I was happy to have my normal face back. I would only use this sort of make up for very rare occasions, not for daily life.

My current collection of preparation, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, powder and concealer brush.
Clinique Redness Solutions daily protective base with a SPF 15.
And it's a green cream!
As you see here, i do have a slight redness.
To be honest, i do not see the redness solutions working really well. I won't buy it again.
The Laura Mercier Crème smooth foundation in Warm Ivory.
The foundation looks yellow, but it will spread out nicely.
You do see some pores better with the foundation. Here a primer would be handy.
The Bobbi Brown concealer and powder. I don't use it in this tutorial.
The Clarins Instant Concealer in colour 01.
I use the concealer beneath my eyes, besides the nose and on a few spots/
Waiting for the final step, the powder.
The Mac prep+prime transparent finishing powder.
I use the powder on the t-zone. This is a starting face for make up. You would do the concealer after you have done the eye make up.
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