A walk in Rotterdam: Van Brienenoordbrug

A walk to the Van Brienenoordbrug in the east of Rotterdam. A bit longer than i thought! My idea was to walk to the island which lies below the bridge, but i didn’t manage that. I saw a McDonalds and i couldn’t resist. I got me a Big Mac menu and took the tram home.

This was after a two and three quarter hour walk, so i gotta give myself a bit a leeway here.

I’m still tired. Yes, this post is gonna be a short one. The pictures with a caption. Enjoy sweeties!

A view on Rotterdam
Flats near the Watertower
Van Brienenoordbrug
A small beach
Below the Van Brienenoordbrug
Walking over the Van Brienenoordbrug
My Big Mac menu i do enjoyed eating while sitting in the sunshine outside
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